Calum Marsden

Health & Wellbeing Officer

Hello, I’m Calum, the Health & Wellbeing Officer. I am the lead on the More Positive Together (MPT) Health and Wellbeing Offer including Cycling Program’s, Family Sports Packs and local community provision. I work closely with (MPT) Champions to capture the impact of Sport, Physical Activity and all things Health & Wellbeing. I support (MPT) Health and Wellbeing Champions with training and lead cluster meetings to ensure Champions have access to local resources to support participants, communities and their organisations.

I work with local community groups to explore new and innovative ways to engage (MPT) participants into health and wellbeing initiatives. Using an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach, with an emphasis to build on ‘what’s strong and not wrong’ to learn and empower communities to be more sustainable through working more collaboratively identifying local resources were everybody can benefit.

I lead on the Cycle Recycle Project and work closely with Lancashire County Council to provide Cycle Training activities for partner’s and organisations to support their participants. This has many benefits for participants such as health and wellbeing, promotes active travel, means of transport to employment, connection to nature and to cycle groups whilst massively protecting the environment by recycling bikes. This project support’s many local businesses it creates volunteer and employment opportunities whilst having a positive impact on the environment and economy.

Previously, I have worked for five years on asset-based community development projects, supporting some of the most deprived areas across Lancashire & Cumbria. I have set up supported housing projects and well-being hubs in communities, promoting local partnership working to help build stability and long term sustainability. Using health and wellbeing activities as the ultimate engagement tool to empower local community involvement, I have been successful in mentoring and training local participants through the supported housing project’s and witness them gain full-time employment.

I play golf for a local golf club at competition level and I am a member of Lancashire County Golf; I follow Blackburn Rovers FC the only club in Lancashire to lift the Premier League trophy. I enjoy playing football, running and walking, going outdoors connecting with nature and eating healthy. Spending quality time with my family.

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