Adrian Leather

Chief Executive

Hi. I am Active Lancashire's Chief Executive. I’ve been with Active Lancashire since 2006, coming from a varied background in ecology, community development and Youth Justice. I have worked in Lancashire for over 20 years and am committed to improving opportunities for the County and celebrating its strengths and uniqueness!

My role is ensuring that the core team and our partners are seen as a strategic priority and that we work effectively together to improve opportunities and resources for sport and physical activity in Lancashire.
I am supported in my work by the Active Lancashire Board and our Chair, who provide leadership to the partner organisations and our core team to increase participation in sport and physical activity. I am driven by people who don’t make an immediate connection with sport; I know from my previous work how much it can bring to strengthening communities and families, enabling individuals to unlock their potential and lead successful and happy lives.

I am always after a new personal challenge so sport fits in to my life in so many ways. I enjoy scuba diving, cycling, running and my latest interest mountaineering – I’ve recently got back from trekking in Nepal!

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