About Active Lancashire

Engage in Sport / Improve Health / Inspire Communities

We are one of 43 sub-regional sport partnerships operating across England. As a County Sport Partnership (CSP) we are funded by Sport England, by agencies to deliver specific projects on their behalf, by local government and by private sponsorship.

County Sports Partnerships are an integral part of the Government's drive to develop a 'single sports delivery system' across England, and we are the key bridge between local and regional networks.

Through our work we aim to bring partners together to create healthy lifestyles through Sport and Physical Activity.

Our Partners

Our partners all share our vision and understanding of the importance of sport in changing lives. They are committed to working together to increase the number of people participating in sport and physical activity across Lancashire. Our partners include local government, sport governing bodies, police, education, health sector, volunteering and media partners. A full list is in our partners section.

Our Role

The role of Active Lancashire is to:

  • Lead and facilitate joint work across the partnership to enable an effective 'delivery system' for Sport and physical activity within the County.

The role of the Active Lancashire board is to:

  • Direct and support Active Lancashire in its work with key agencies to achieve the organisations aim. 

The role of the Active Lancashire Core Team is to:

  • Support and facilitate an effective 'delivery system' on behalf of the County partnership.
The Core Team's work

Our Core Team's work facilitates a sporting infrastructure that works with all partners to support:

  • The creation of a single 'delivery system' for sport in Lancashire;
  • Coaching, club and workforce development;
  • Increase the sustainability of the partnership at an organisational level;
  • Strategic planning and co-ordination of facilities, development and programmes;
  • Marketing and communications
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Performance management
Our Core Team Vision

As a team, Active Lancashire will become the market leading, inspirational organisation that leads and supports the development of creative and committed partnerships, through which high quality sport and physical activity will be developed and delivered to its customers.

Our Values
  • Passion
  • Impact
  • Excellence
  • Valuing Others
  • Respect
  • Fun

We are deeply committed to providing a fair, equitable and rewarding work environment that is accessible for all and builds on the breadth, depth and diversity of our backgrounds, experience and skills. We are also dedicated to those six partnership values identified and agreed by our staff as being most important to the way we conduct our business, both now and into the future. Living these values will support us to achieve our purpose— to improve people's lives through sport and physical activity.

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