Setting up your run together group

RunTogether has been created by England Athletics, the National Governing Body (NGB) for running and athletics, to provide fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities for everyone in England.

Step one – The group name

If you have a current running group, you can choose whether to keep your group name the same or tweak it. We recommend that group names do not include the day of the week when you currently meet, in case you decide to change this or add further sessions in the future.

If you are setting up a new RunTogether Group, please note that names can be up to 30 characters (including letters, spaces and punctuation).

To avoid confusion, we ask that no two groups share the same name, therefore if your first-choice group name is already being used by a RunTogether Group you will be asked to choose a different group name.

Once you've selected a group name, simply email to request that your RunTogether group is set up on the website.

Please include your name, date of birth (to help us find your LiRF licence) and preferred group name in the email. A member of the RunTogether team will check that your preferred group name is available and confirm back to you.

Step two – What to expect

Once your group name has been confirmed, you will receive an email containing the URL address of your new RunTogether group (for example, Dan’s Plodders would be and further instructions to help you set up your RunTogether Group page.

The email you will receive will have a number of links in a step by step guide so you can get your website fully set up and ready to go.

More information on RunTogether

For Group Leaders

  • Mobile App, allowing leaders to see how many people have registered for each sessions, 'check-in' their runners and if they usually take cash payments, this will also be available online
  • A range of marketing materials and expanding merchandise range, starting with t-shirts, helping run leaders to grow their groups
  • New run leader mentors to provide ongoing training, development and support for group leaders
  • Run Leader Tool Kit, including useful information and advice on how to operate a successful running group
  • More frequent e-newsletters with opportunities for continued professional development (CPD)

Find out more at 

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