Challenge Through Sport Initiative

Designed, operated and delivered by Active Lancashire, The Challenge Through Sport Initiative (CSI) is an innovative behaviour change programme for people in recovery - mostly from substance and alcohol misuse but also including help for people with mental health issues, gambling addictions, isolation and just as importantly, their families. The project complements sessions or treatment being offered by other third party agencies and is led by our team of knowledgeable support workers who have been through the recovery journey themselves. A key focus of the project is to get participants who are often in poor mental and physical health engaged in sport and physical activity to improve their long term health and economic prospects.

The Challenge through Sport Initiative provides much more than a way of getting active. For participants the project is an opportunity to engage in activities within their community and importantly, can allow them to develop a new support network, motivating them to lead a healthier and happier life.

Our experience of leading a variety of programmes tells us that with increased physical activity comes an increase in self-confidence, which impacts greatly on self esteem and in turn, is hugely influential in creating a positive outcome for the recovery process. In fact, many of our participants go on to consider further developing their personal skills through volunteering on the programme themselves.

We have designed CSI to provide a development route to employability. Participants who attend regularly and demonstrate reliability are given the opportunity to volunteer on the project. We put volunteers through a formal induction process where they receive on-going training to help them develop their confidence levels and take a lead in delivering activities. In this way, we provide them with a bedrock of teamworking and leadership skills that they can ultimately take with them into the workplace.

The Challenge through Sport initiative has an excellent track record of success and thus has expanded over the years to cover many districts across Lancashire, in partnership with a number of other organisations.

Support our work - donations go towards our CSI Project which supports more than 200 Lancashire residents on their recovery journey. 

Jane Moodie
CSI Project Lead and Operations Manager
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Key Features
Encourages participants to develop new personal networks and re-engage with their communities
Focuses on sport and physical activity as a route to improved health and prosperity
Peer-to-peer model with mentors who have lived-experience and have come through the project themselves
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Support workers leading the project
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