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Welcome to the More Positive Together Resource Library.

Here you will be able to find a range of information on the MPT programme and resources for promoting the programme. If you need any more support or advice, please contact Mark Brennan at Freshfield on 01772 888400 or

Project Information 

  • Quick reference guide – details of how the programme operates and the purposes of the programme in 100, 50 and 25 words. 
  • Leaflet - A5 Leaflet outlining the key benefits and outcomes of the programme
  • Frequently Asked Questions – further clarity about the programme based on the questions received so far (available soon)
  • Team Roles – details of who does what on this programme at Lancashire Sport Partnership (available soon)

Brand and Logo

  • MPT brand guidelines - all materials produced to promote the programme must comply with brand guidelines
  • MPT main logo – Download as JPEG, PNG, EPS
  • ESF main logo - Download as JPEG, PNG, EPS
  • ESF and MPT Logo – The programme is funded by the European Social Fund, use this logo lockup to comply with ESF brand guidelines. Download as JPEG, PNG, EPS
  • ESF brand guidelines – more information on ESF brand compliance

Document Templates

  • Word document template – used to produce documents including (but not limited to) – forms and documentation, reports, case studies, job descriptions, procurement material, training sign in sheets, event invitations, attendance certificates etc. Partners can add their own logo where indicated.
  • Press release template – any press releases relating to the programme should use the compliant press release template supplied. Partners can add their own logo where indicated.
  • Compliance posters – all delivery partners must print and display a copy of the poster in a prominent location at their premises to promote the programme and the ESF funding.
  • Powerpoint presentation - for use when creating a presentation about the More Positive Together programme.

Marketing Templates

  • Infographic presentation – a presentation setting out the main details about the programme in a graphical format.
  • Pull up banner design – for use promoting the programme at events.
  • Poster Template A4, A3 - generic posters for the More Positive Together programme. Other sizes available on request. 
  • Advert - an A4 advert for inclusion in magazines or to be sent as a PDF attachment.  

Image Library

Copies of the images used in programme material. 

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