What to expect from Rossendale Works’ free multi-sports sessions

Rossendale Works runs free multi-sport activity sessions, which help local people connect while boosting their confidence and improving their fitness (find out more about our free activities here).

People who attend who are looking for work can also receive tailored support and training through the MPT Steps, which Rossendale Works delivers in the borough.

We spoke to Django Back, a Project Officer for Rossendale Works, about what to expect from attending the sessions.

What can people expect from attending the sessions?

We aim to provide an atmosphere where attendees can feel comfortable and involved regardless of their experience or ability. We want participants to feel they can approach these activities and the team easily.

I really enjoy attending the sessions every week and it is fantastic catching up with those who attend regularly as well as new faces. Our attendees often invite other people they know down to the sessions and this just goes to show the positive impact they are having in the community. It really makes the work we do worthwhile to see it bringing people in the community together.

What would you say to someone who wants to attend but is unsure of coming along?

It is a great place to make new friends as everyone is very encouraging, engaging and approachable. As the multi-sport activities are freely accessible and varied, there is something for everyone to have a go at.

If you are unsure, we would also be happy to have a conversation with you beforehand to welcome you into the activities at your own pace and in your own time, to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend you come down and see what the sessions are all about.

How do the sessions help attendees who are looking for employment become more work-ready?

The numerous sessions we run throughout the week are there for people to engage within the community, meet new people, make new friends and receive support.

For myself and the team, we would encourage people to attend these sessions and engage with Rossendale Works in order for us to help direct them towards work, volunteering and other opportunities within the community. We can help prepare them for their future prospects and wherever they want to progress to within their own time.

The activities are in place for us to identify those who are happy to engage with us and show us where they are in terms of their personal progression of their health and wellbeing and through everyday life.

What kind of results have Rossendale Works achieved through the sports sessions?

We have seen people who have previously had a low sense of confidence and social anxiety become more confident, with their mental health and wellbeing having greatly improved. Many of those who are looking for work that have attended the sessions and shown ambition and enthusiasm have managed to secure full time employment, which is rewarding to see.

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