Stop Smoking Together

Stopping smoking isn’t easy

Whether you've just woken up, eaten a meal or had a stressful day there are often internal instincts that drive smoking behaviour, which makes it a difficult habit to let go of.

That said and done, where there’s a will, there’s a way. On our Stop Smoking Together - Circle App, ex-smokers around BwD have shared what's worked for them in hopes of helping you overcome your own smoking habit.

Learn what from their experiences by joining here and feel free to post any questions that would help you on your own journey.

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Mind over Matter

It’s no secret that smoking as a habit is deeply wired into the brain. Whether as a coping mechanism or simply for the hit - to break out of it, we need to understand the body better.

Education is empowerment. We’ve recorded a series of mini clips to help broaden your understanding of smoking and stopping smoking. You are welcome to watch on the go at your own leisure.

Holistic Wellbeing and Behaviour Change

We will help you to access relevant stop smoking services across Pharmacies in BwD - But we also recognise that there are a lot of other factors that come into play. So here are a few of the professionals brought in to deliver sessions helping you on your journey. (You will need to register free to view all our upcoming sessions).

  • Sarah Dickson - Smoking Advisor also trained in Holistic Therapies
  • Halima Hajat - Former Pharmacist trained in NLP and Trauma informed Behaviour Change Coaching
  • Christine Appleby - Clinical Nutritionist Specialising in Addictions

But Wait…

  • “What if I’m not ready to quit?”
    That’s fine, you can join the community and learn about how-to-stop until you’re ready to stop.
  • “Can I keep my information private?”
    You are welcome to change your name to an ALIAS if you wish to keep yourself private whilst posting, commenting and learning on the community app.
  • “How is this different from what's out there?”
    We look at stopping smoking holistically, so we will signpost you to Pharmacy Stop Smoking Clinics and also provide specialist holistic support alongside to improve your chance of success. The app is designed to be a support group for you to ask, learn and seek advice from professionals and others like you.
  • “I’m an ex-smoker, can I join?”
    It doesn’t matter what stage of your journey you are on, you are welcome to join the community. Family/peers supporting a smoker to quit can join too
  • “What happens when I sign up?”
    Sign up > download the app > You’ll then see options to watch, discuss, chat and join sessions.

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If you’d like to speak to Sarah, our smoking advisor about starting your quit journey, share with us your details here and we’ll be in touch. 

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