Transforming Lives and Spaces: Challenge through Sport Initiative Brings Tranquillity to Blackpool

In the seaside town of Blackpool, a quiet transformation has taken place, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Kev and the Challenge through Sport Initiative (CSI) team. Residents of Jobs, Friends and Houses Recovery Homes can now bask in the tranquillity of a newly renovated space, offering them a much-needed sanctuary to relax and connect with others.

The vision behind this project was to create a low-maintenance area that would not only brighten up the property but also uplift the spirits of its residents. With this goal in mind, the CSI team began by clearing the space of rubble and roots, laying down stones and crafting the landscape. The next step involved the thoughtful selection of plants, including various types of geraniums and elegant Japanese acer, which would brighten the area with vibrant colours and a touch of natural beauty. The finishing touches, such as adding coping stones to the wall and painting the gate, remain, and once completed, the project will be ready for all to enjoy.

Challenge through Sport Initiative is not your ordinary programme; it is a bespoke behaviour change programme designed to support individuals in building resilience against substance misuse. The initiative extends its services to a wide range of people, including those with mental health issues, individuals in the criminal justice system, and equally important, their friends and families. By engaging participants in activities that promote resilience, connection, community integration, confidence, self-esteem, and overall physical and mental well-being, CSI strives to make a lasting impact on their lives.

Led by a team of mentors with lived experience, CSI sessions are held throughout Lancashire. These dedicated mentors, armed with their own personal journeys, bring a unique understanding and empathy to their roles. Their shared experiences foster an environment of trust and compassion, providing participants with the support they need to overcome their challenges and create a better future. 

Jobs, Friends and Houses Recovery Homes, offer a safe and supportive haven for individuals taking crucial steps in their recovery journeys. They firmly believe that high-quality accommodation plays a vital role in the well-being of their residents. By empowering individuals to sustain their recovery in a community setting, gaining social independence, and embracing a more fulfilling life, Jobs, Friends and Houses play an integral part in the healing process.

If you're inspired by the work of the Challenge through Sport Initiative and would like to learn more about the support available, the range of activities, or how to get involved, visit our CSI project page.  

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