This International Women's Day we are looking at how our projects are making an impact in the community and to individuals.

Our Challenge Through Sport Initiative Support Worker Tamasin tells us how getting involved with the project is having an impact on one member of the group. 

"One of the CSI participants is a 45-year-old female,living in Morecambe. She was referred to The project by CGL. The first session she attended was the meditation and she really enjoyed it. Prior to linking in with us she had been isolating and battling with her substance misuse problems. She was struggling to attend groups at Inspire and wanted to become more active. Initially she engaged in meditation and the gym group as it would be a good way for her to meet new people. As her confidence grew she started to attend more sessions and eventually became a volunteer.

"She now runs her own groups in Regent Park and looks after the gardening and Bowls. She is a member of the ‘Friends of Regent Park’, and is helping to break down barriers with the local community. To help with her development we have supported her to attended training workshops such as Safeguarding, Assist, Inspire Boundaries training and has led on the Cycle Recycle Workshop.

"She is a key member of the team in Morecambe and has given life to the once quiet, lifeless park in Morecambe with her activities. Her comment from attending the park was that she now approaches others to engage them in a conversation. She says “I would never have done that before”.

"On her journey she has met many different people and loves the diversity of the groups. She says, “People talk about their problems here and are very open and I am here to listen and support”.

"This has meant that she now feels accepted and able to speak about her own life and experiences. This makes her happy and she looks forward to the sessions as she has something to get up for in the morning."

The Challenge Through Sport Initiative is an innovative behaviour change programme for people in recovery - mostly from substance and alcohol misuse but also including help for people with mental health issues, gambling addictions, isolation and just as importantly, their families.

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