Hamza gets his dream job in science and technology

Congratulations to Hamza for landing his dream job.

As a Healthcare Science graduate, Hamza really wanted to work in a very specific science and technology role that is difficult to enter without experience.

MPT Steps delivery partners Newground Together supported him in applying for several roles and contacting agencies, helping him tailor his CV to make it more attractive to employers recruiting in this field.

Hamza received a call from a recruitment company looking for lab technicians and was offered a job in Belfast Hospital following a telephone interview that MPT Steps helped him prepare for.

MPT Steps sourced financial support through the Job Centre, which paid for his flights to Northern Ireland.

It was a big decision to move away from Lancashire, but Hamza has been in touch to say how much he is loving his new dream job and is really pleased.

He said, "My experience was amazing. It was an easy-to-follow programme, which taught me the skills and the ins and outs that are required when looking for employment. Support was always at hand and the constant communication between myself and my mentor helped build my confidence when looking for a job.

"The one-to-one sessions with mentors to the group sessions were all well set out and clear, which ultimately paved a way for me to find employment in my chosen career."

Find out more about the support available through MPT Steps here.

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