Celebrating National Recovery Month: Empowering Lives through the CSI Programme

As September begins, we step into National Recovery Month, a time to celebrate and raise awareness about the journey of recovery from substance misuse, mental health challenges, and the criminal justice system. This year's theme, "Recovery is for Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community," underscores the significance of unity and support in the recovery process. In line with this powerful message, Active Lancashire proudly champions the Challenge through Sport Initiative (CSI), a programme that embodies the spirit of recovery and renewal.

The Recovery Month tagline beautifully encapsulates the idea that recovery is a collective effort that involves not only individuals on their recovery journey but also their families and communities. On Saturday, the 23rd of September, the city of Hull will witness the coming together of individuals, families, and communities to highlight the reality of recovery for the annual Recovery Walk. However, there is lots to get involved with in Lancashire including a recovery walk to Darwen Tower. 

Additionally, the CSI team at Active Lancashire organise a diverse array of free sessions across Lancashire, aimed at catering to various interests and needs. From walk and talk sessions that foster connection to engaging activities like football and badminton that promote physical health, the program offers a holistic approach to recovery. Additionally, the inclusion of wellbeing and nutrition sessions underscores the significance of nurturing both the body and the mind.

Active Lancashire's CSI programme is a beacon of hope for individuals who are navigating the challenges of substance misuse, mental health issues, and the criminal justice system. This bespoke behaviour change program is meticulously designed to help participants build resilience, connect with others, reintegrate into their communities, boost confidence and self-esteem, and enhance their physical and mental wellbeing. The heart of this initiative lies in engaging individuals through activities that not only nurture their physical health but also heal their spirits.

What sets the CSI programme apart is its team of dedicated support mentors, who were once participants themselves, who have undergone a transformative journey from recovery to role models. Their profound passion and commitment stem from their genuine belief in the programme's transformative power. With first-hand experience, they are equipped to navigate others on their recovery paths, signposting them to the agencies that best address their individual needs.

The story of the CSI programme is a narrative of empowerment and transformation. Participants graduate from being beneficiaries to becoming volunteers, and, eventually, many find themselves in roles as integral members of the CSI team. This cycle of growth not only reflects the programme's efficacy but also speaks volumes about the dedication and enthusiasm of the individuals involved.

As we stand together during National Recovery Month, we invite you to explore the transformative journey offered by Challenge through Sport Initiative. Through the resilience-building activities, mentorship, and holistic support, the CSI program is a testament to the incredible strength of the human spirit. Learn more about the CSI sessions and connect with the team on Facebook to be a part of this inspiring movement.

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