Women and Girls is one of our four priority areas; here you can find up to date research and insight based upon women and girls in relation to sport and physical activity. This information can be used to drive participation amongst this particular demographic.

Bodyfit Review 2017

The report provides an evaluative review of ‘Bodyfit,’ a female focused physical activity programme collaboratively developed by Active Lancashire and Lancashire Women’s Centres.

Changing the Game for Girls: In Action

The Changing the Game for Girls: In Action pilot began in 2013, with funding support from the Department of Health. Over the course of the two year pilot, we helped 25 schools discover what their female students thought about PE and sport and what they wanted to change.

Women in Sport: CSP Resource Hub

Since 2013 Women in Sport has been working with three County Sport Partnerships (London Sport, CSW Sport and Wesport) and they have developed an online resource for all CSPs across England, in addition to collating all of their work in a handy support document.

Helping women and girls get active. Sport England

This practical guide contains advice, suggestions, hints and tips that will make it easier for you to get more women and girls active in your local area.

Understanding Women's Lives

This ground breaking study, funded by Sport England and based on fieldwork conducted by research agency 2CV, used an innovative semiethnographic qualitative approach to unlock new insight

Go Where Women Are

The insight pack explores our current understanding of women, their relevant motivations, barriers and triggers to getting more active, and what this means for sports and exercise activities and initiatives.

Changing the game for girls

This research report from the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation looks into girls attitudes to fitness and sports.

The Opportunity to Grow Golf: Female Participation

Female participation is an important strategic opportunity for golf as a sport and a business.

Ladies Running Groups: South Ribble

This paper examines the increasingly popular activity of group running. Active Lancashire carried out an evalaution of two running groups deemed as 'successful' within the South Ribble district of Lancashire.

What determines sports participation among 15-19 year old women

In order to drive up participation in sport and physical activity, we must be aware of the factors that influence if, why, and when young women both commence and maintain their participation. Equally, we must be aware of the factors that discourage or prevent their participation in sport.

Women and girls in Sportivate

This case study will firstly consider previous research, national trends, history and the social impact of female participation in team and individual sports. The online survey results (collected for this case study), together with this research and the Sportivate Annual Evaluation data, will serve to prove or disprove the theory that team sports are more likely to sustain young women and girls in…

Women and Sport

It is widely acknowledged that one of the major health issues facing the UK is the decline in physical activity by the population, leading to a rise in obesity and associated conditions. Physical activity also promotes mental well-being, and both participation in and viewing of sport are important parts of the UK’s culture. It was widely hoped that the London Olympics and Paralympics would renew…

Muslim Women in Sport

The world of sport is male dominated and women often come up against considerable challenges.

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