The Inactivity Time Bomb

‘The Inactivity Time Bomb’ is a report published by national sports charity, StreetGames and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr)

It is the first study to quantify the economic and social costs associated with physical inactivity specifically among young people in the UK. 

Key findings include:

  • Physical inactivity among today’s 11-25 year olds will cost the UK economy £53.3 billion over their lifetimes
  • Each physically inactive young person costs UK economy £12,000 over their lifetime
  • Lowest-income households are most likely to have least active children
  • Poorest households spend less than £2 a week on sport

The study was commissioned to better understand the costs (both social and economic) of inactivity among young people to help inform key stakeholders and raise awareness of inactivity health issues.

From the largest Government departments to the smallest community project, organisations need to support more people to get active and to stay active. At StreetGames, the focus is on making sport accessible to all young people, regardless of their income or social circumstances.

Read the full report on the StreetGames website

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