Sportivate Evaluation: Deaf Basketball

During 2013 Lancashire Sports Partnership intend to evaluate a series of Sportivate programmes in concurrence with their delivery across Lancashire. The aim of the Sportivate Evaluation: Deaf Basketball 2013
evaluations is to highlight the short and long term benefits of Sportivate programmes whilst also ensuring that; any successes are replicated and failures avoided within in the delivery of future programmes. In this instance, a deaf Basketball programme has been selected for investigation, the rationale behind which is the programme‟s target group being disabled people (a key population in LSPs business strategy for 2013-2017).

Key Findings

  • A lack of clarity in roles with regards to promotion/ insight work was found between the basketball club, Coach and UKDS.
  • No direct consultation occurred between programme providers and local deaf people of relevant age group.
  • A limited amount of local promotion was carried out prior to the first session of the programme taking place.
  • A large part of the rationale for the programme was based upon assumptions about deaf people in the area provided by the coach.
  • Some findings of the EFDS „Barriers into Sport for hearing impaired people‟ were not recognised in the delivery of the programme (people expected to attend unfamiliar settings, no direct contact prior to sessions). This was
    mainly due to the issues presented in point 1 i.e. lack of clarity in roles and delivery of project.
  • Some approaches recommended by EFDS were adopted i.e. providing a deaf coach with signing skills to ensure that there was not restricted communication –reduce the need for an interpreter. This was also highlighted in promotional work to increase uptake.
  • Local Club found to be utilised with the aim of local integration and suitable exit route.

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