Good Childhood

This is the fifth in a series of annual Good Childhood Reports that The Children’s Society has produced in partnership with the University of York as part of a groundbreaking research programme into children’s well-being.

This series refreshes our understanding of how good life is for our youngest citizens, from the viewpoint of children themselves. It provides the latest national statistics, trends and insights into the quality of children’s lives overall and the aspects of life that matter the most to them.

This edition reviews the latest trends over time, along with the gender patterns that have emerged in recent years for some aspects of well-being. It also examines the links between specific aspects of children’s well-being and different types of mental health issues. Finally, it presents new analysis of local area differences in children’s well-being.

The key findings include: 

  • There is a growing gap in happiness between girls and boys.
  • Girls are less happy than they used to be, we have seen more 10 to 15 year old girls unhappy with their lives over a five year period.
  • Children’s direct experiences affect their well-being more than factors further removed from them.

To find out more information look at  The Good Childhood Report Summary or The Good Childhood Report 2016.

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