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Understanding the Return to Sport/Activity and Volunteering

Understanding the Return to Sport/Activity and Volunteering
Sport England research has shown that people’s participation habits have been affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic.
To understand more about what this could mean for the clubs, groups and organisations who deliver physical activity and sport, Club Matters are launching the national Sport England Club Matters Return to Sport / Activity surveys.

They want to find out how you are feeling about returning to take part in activities or volunteering within an organised setting, as part of a club or group. One version of the survey is aimed at members/players and participants and the other at volunteers and they are accessible below:

The survey will be open until Friday 7th August.

Outcomes for the Return to Sport/Activity Surveys
The surveys are exploring people’s willingness to return to activity/volunteering, the challenges they face, what they are most looking forward to, and how they can best be supported to come back when the time is right. By conducting these surveys, they hope to support:

  • Participants and Volunteers
    Club Matters want to give as many people as possible the chance to have their voice heard and help to inform national understanding. They hope you can encourage the clubs/groups you work with to share the survey with their members, participants and volunteers to ensure that their individual views and needs are heard and reflected in the wider dataset that will be developed.
  • Clubs, Groups and Organisations:
    The key findings of the surveys will be used to make sure that ongoing support for clubs, groups and delivery organisations are informed by the needs and views of members, participants and volunteers across the country. This will be supported by the survey’s use of open text questions, which will improve our overall understanding of how people are thinking and feeling. Using the professional analysis tools available to them, Sport England and the Club Matters team will be able to identify key themes and specific issues. By sharing these findings with the sector, as set out below, other organisations will also be able to provide informed support to the clubs and groups they work with.

  • NGBs, APs and Other Sector Organisations:
    The Club Matters team will be analysing the data gathered to identify key findings and trends to develop recommendations. They will then share overview and categorised analysis reports with stakeholder organisations. This will enable them to explore the main findings as well as benchmark data across sports and activities, which can be used to inform internal planning, ongoing support and future resources across the sector!

Club Matters will be really grateful for any support in getting the links to clubs, groups and organisations across the country and across all the different sports and activities available. They have shared Club Matters' communications material with their stakeholder organisations already, including the social media posts template, but if you would like more information about sharing the survey with clubs and groups you work with please email us them at: [email protected]

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