Blackburn Club Receives Equipment Thanks to Active Lancashire

Sons of Anxiety, a community organisation based in Blackburn, has recently received £150 worth of sporting equipment thanks to their active participation in Active Lancashire's annual Club and Community Survey.
The yearly survey is an integral part of Active Lancashire’s commitment to supporting and developing Club and Community Organisations across the Lancashire region. The survey enables organisations to articulate their needs, seek additional support, and celebrate their accomplishments. The survey means Active Lancashire can tailor their offerings and support structures, developing a network of clubs and community organisations throughout Lancashire.

Sons of Anxiety, based in Blackburn and founded in 2017 by Rolonde Bradshaw, was created as a response to the barriers which many individuals face when attending traditional gym settings. The organisation runs weekly sessions open to those of all ages, genders and abilities, and helps participants not only enhance their physical strength but also create a supportive community environment.
Structured as engaging group activities, these sessions encompass a variety of exercises and games, designed to build strength, boost confidence, forge connections with like-minded individuals, and provide mutual encouragement.

Having attended various gym environments, Harry was struggling to find a space that he could take part in physical activity. After finding out about the sessions via social media, he began attending Sons of Anxiety in November 2023 and feels his confidence and wellbeing has greatly increased since he joined the group. “I have been coming along to Sons of Anxiety for around two months now, and it has changed my life completely.

“Going to this kind of activity is something I never pictured myself doing, but the environment Rolonde has created is so supportive and encouraging, that I really look forward to coming each week.
“I would encourage anybody who is looking to improve their health, or get support with their wellbeing, to come along and try out the session. Even if you don’t want to compete in events, the sessions are a great way to meet people with shared experiences and the environment really makes you feel supported and encouraged to improve your physical activity and strength.”

Following Sons of Anxiety's insightful feedback in the Club and Community Survey 2023, Active Lancashire, thanked and demonstrated their commitment to community wellbeing by awarding the organisation £150 worth of sporting equipment. This support reflects Active Lancashire's enthusiasm to working collaboratively with club and community-based organisations, and target assistance to help enhance the growth of organisations.
Gwen Hughes, Club and Communities Development Officer at Active Lancashire, added that, “The Club and Community Survey helps us to get invaluable feedback from organisations based across Lancashire, enabling us to enhance the support which we offer.

“As the strategic lead for sport and physical activity across Lancashire, we are constantly looking for ways in which we can support individuals to become active; grassroots organisations such as Sons of Anxiety are at the forefront of our mission, as they have first-hand insight and knowledge about the barriers which individuals face which prevents them from taking part in physical activity.

“We’re delighted that we were able to support the organisation through the donation of new equipment, and hope that this empowers them to support even more individuals within the Blackburn area and beyond. The feedback which they, and each organisation who participated in the survey, gave has provided us with fantastic insights and will help to shape our support for club and community based organisations moving forward.”

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