Active Lancashire Launches 'Learning Zone' to Boost Workplace Wellness

Active Lancashire is set to launch its new ‘Active Learning Zone’ on Friday 14th June, an online learning platform designed to enhance the skills of those working in the Sports and Physical Activity sectors. The new eLearning centre promotes workplace wellness and productivity through its myriad of courses that can be accessed online, allowing participants to learn at their own pace. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for busy professionals who need to balance training with their other commitments.

With the aim of reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs for businesses, the launch of the Active Learning Zone marks a significant milestone in Active Lancashire’s mission to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace. This platform not only provides high-quality training but also empowers individuals and organisations to make lasting impacts.

Emphasising the importance of the new platform and its benefit to the workplace, Active Lancashire’s Training and Development Manager, Amanda Forrest, said that “The courses are designed to foster a positive work environment and enhance company culture, ultimately leading to increased productivity and profitability.”

Forrest also spoke of the positive impact these courses would have on employee performance, stating that “Healthy employees are more focused, energetic and productive.”

One of the key offerings of the Active Learning Zone is the Workplace Health Champions course, which aims to cultivate health advocates within the workplace. Participants will gain valuable knowledge and resources to promote healthy choices and wellbeing amongst their colleagues. This course is crucial for creating supportive work environments where both individuals and organisations can thrive. What’s more, those who complete the course will gain access to the Workplace Health Champion Hub, an online forum with tools, resources and guidance on how to enhance their knowledge and skills; learners will also have the opportunity to interact with one another, sharing ideas, inspiration and successes.

Also offered on the platform are courses for the Safeguarding of Adults and Children. These courses take a hands-on approach, helping participants to identify and address the safeguarding needs of adults and children, respectively, in sports. Through interactive scenarios and discussions, coaches learn to implement person-centred care in their practices, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all athletes. The face-to-face workshops build confidence in handling sensitive situations and promotes a safety-centric approach to coaching. This training is essential for coaches and anyone involved in sport and physical activity settings, equipping them with the skills to recognise and respond to safeguarding concerns.

First Aid training is another crucial component of the Active Learning Zone. The Emergency First Aid at Work course, compliant with the Health and Safety (First Aid) regulations of 1981, is tailored for lower-risk businesses. This course ensures that employees are equipped to handle emergencies, enhancing workplace safety and preparedness.

Additionally, Active Lancashire will offer several free courses aimed at addressing key aspects of wellbeing and compliance. These include Awareness of Mental Health at Work, Nutrition, Suicide Awareness, Sleep and GDPR. These courses provide essential knowledge that can help improve overall wellbeing and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

For more information on the courses, please complete the form below or contact a member of the Active Lancashire team via email at: [email protected].

Join the movement towards a healthier, more active Lancashire and make a commitment to enhancing employee wellbeing today.

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