#KeepLovingLeisure is a social campaign led by Lancashire’s Leisure Trusts and Active Lancashire, with a goal of celebrating our leisure industry. The official reopening of the facilities is a perfect time to show support for local leisure trusts. Let’s not let our current climate stop us – let’s keep loving our leisure.

We want to encourage all partners to communicate these messages using the social media toolkit, which is located on the right-hand side of this page. It contains eight social media posts that can be easily copied and shared across Facebook and Twitter. Image assets and the logo is also available for download on this page.

There are three key messages that our local Leisure Trusts would like to share with members of the public:

  • Safety - Our facilities will follow strict guidelines that ensure the safety of all the attendants. These include limitations on the numbers of people who can access the facilities at the same time, strong enforcement of the social-distancing measures and frequent cleaning and sanitising of the facilities. Signage present in all buildings will encourage positive behaviour and help. people stay safe at all times. Frequent COVID testing is encouraged to keep everyone safe. The fitness and leisure sector also had one of the lowest COVID rates in 2020 – 0.34 per 100,000 visits in England.
  • Wellbeing Benefits - The benefits of physical activity on mental and physical health are unquestionable. Indoor exercise is something people look forward to because it makes them feel good. Your local leisure centres will make sure that their provision is highly enjoyable and fun. By being able to come back, people will have more fun, more ‘me time’ and also more chances to stay social. Exercise is key to overall wellbeing.
  • Supporting Local - Being a member of a leisure centre means supporting the local economy. Leisure centres altogether safeguard over 2,000 jobs in Lancashire and provide our population with safe places to be active. They have an enormous impact on the longevity of our economy and deserve to be supported.

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