Active Lancashire Board Member

Active Lancashire is in a period of exciting transition and growth, as we start to deliver our new Strategy; collaboratively leading and facilitating active lifestyles with our passionate network of delivery partners.

Active Lancashire has nationally recognised expertise and success in leading, developing and delivering innovative and ground breaking activities against our core themes of health and addressing inequalities. We work in collaboration with like-minded independent organisations looking to broaden their contribution to partnerships and meet wider social outcomes. We are well placed to benefit from the opportunities that will emerge through national strategy developments and local initiatives with key health, economic and local government partners. Our aim here is to be a leader of development for the wider sector and to champion new models of delivery and investment in effective partnerships that deliver targeted and sustainable impact, particularly to underrepresented groups.

As the leadership body for Sport and Active lifestyles in Lancashire, we want to ensure that we practice good governance (in line with UK Sport Guidelines), supported by a balanced set of skills and expertise that underpin the development of the business and enable us to achieve our visionary expectations. We have decided to embark on a process of Board renewal to bring fresh energy to our new Strategy (April 2021-31).

We are looking for candidates who will bring some of the technical skills outlined in this overview, alongside lived experiences, personal drive and commitment, with the ability to ask intelligent questions and be collaborative as a member of the Board team. Prospective candidates may have access to important networks or contacts in other sectors relevant to our work and can enhance our strategic and political influence through their gravitas. Others may bring a strong geographic overview of sports and physical activities or local communities.

We are seeking a up to 5 new Board Members to join the Active Lancashire Board, with the option to be part of the Audit and Finance Sub Committee and/or the HR and Remuneration Committee. Key skills, knowledge and experiences identified at this current time to operate the charity effectively have been identified as:

  • Legal expertise
  • Financial management
  • Social Inclusion (e.g. Housing, Prisons, Probation, Employability)
  • Communications, PR and Marketing

We are also seeking candidates who may have lived experiences of:

  • Disability or living with Long Term Conditions
  • Ethnically Diverse Communities
  • The experiences of young people under 25 years

Please note that applications can only be considered if all the documentation is complete. Please send your application to Donna Brennand, [email protected].

Applications must be received by midnight, Sunday 5th September 2021.

If you would like any further details or a detailed discussion about Active Lancashire or the Board member role, please do contact Adrian Leather, Chief Executive on [email protected] and we will be in contact directly.

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