Active Seconds

The Challenge through Sport Initiative (CSI), one of Active Lancashire’s flagship projects, has opened a new charity retail shop and community hub in Accrington’s Arndale Shopping Centre called ‘Active Seconds’.

The shop will build on the projects physical activity roots and will be selling second-hand goods to encourage people to begin their wellbeing journeys. Donations are received from local organisations and people in the community such as Bric-a-Brac, furniture, clothes, electrical items etc.

All proceeds from the store will go directly back into the project itself, allowing for their team of support workers to continue carrying out life-changing initiatives for the benefit of Lancashire residents. The space at the back of the store will help support the delivery of the project, with a designated area to be used to carry out meetings, training and physical activity sessions.

CSI is a County-wide project for people in recovery – mainly from substance misuse but also including help for people with mental health issues, gambling addictions, isolation and just as importantly, their families. A key focus of the project is to get participants who are often in poor mental and physical health engaged in sport and physical activity to improve their long term health and economic prospects.

This is a great opportunity to build new partnerships in the community to work together to offer a holistic wrap around support for people in need, whilst also providing a great volunteer pathway for participants from the CSI project who may wish to support with the running of the shop.

The CSI project celebrates seven years in operation, with over 200 Lancashire residents supported monthly by their team of 10 mentors, but whilst the support for residents has been constant, the funding for the project has changed somewhat over the years. The decision to set up the shop not only provides a well-placed base in the heart of the Accrington community, but it will allow for the project to be self-sufficient, with income from the store going directly into supporting the project to continue running.

‘Active Seconds’ can be found on the ground floor of the Accrington Arndale Shopping Centre. You can support us by:

  • shopping online on either DepopEbay or Facebook Marketplace
  • donating items we can sell
  • donating funds to support our project through PayPal
  • volunteering your time to run the store
Jane Moodie
Operations Manager (Social Inclusion)
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For participant information, visit:

Active Seconds Address: Arndale Shopping Centre, Unit 26, The, Accrington BB5 1EX


Phone Number: 01254 785986

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