RunTogther has been created by England Athletics, the National Governing Body (NGB) for athletics and running, to provide fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities for everyone in England. All our programmes, such as 'Groups' and 'Routes' and services, such as 'Find a Guide' and 'Mental Health Ambassadors' share a common theme, they are there to help people run with others. Running with others can provide motivation, guidance and support, as well as making it more fun!

RunTogether groups are fun, organised runs/jogs with other people, led by qualified run leaders. All RunTogether Leaders are trained and insured by England Athletics, the National Governing Body (NGB) for athletics and running.

Why Join RunTogether?

To Run Safely. RunTogether Groups are all led by qualified Run Leaders, meaning your route has been risk-assessed and sessions have a structured warm-up and cool down, helping reduce the risk of injury. 

To Keep Running. Running with others provides motivation, support and accountability on those days it's difficult to get out of the door. We know that people who run with others are more likely to keep running!

Get Social with RunTogether

RunTogether is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Talk to @RunTogether_ or use #RunTogether.

Mental Health Ambassadors

To support individuals experiencing mental health challenges, RunTogether Mental Health Ambassadors are here to help. The role of these amazing volunteers is to raise awareness of mental health, support more people to start, continue or return to running and to encourage all runners to #runandtalk about mental health.

RunTogether Routes

There are over 250 RunTogether Routes all over England for you to try, from urban city loops to scenic rural routes on National Trust sites. Many were previously known as 3,2,1 Routes or Greenline Routes.

Guide Runners

To help make running accessible to visually impaired runners,RunTogether have partnered with British Blind Sport to develop a training and licence programme for guide runners. Upon completion of a DBS check, guide runners are added to the Find a Guide database, where visually impaired runners can find a local guide.

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