Rounders England

Local Relationships

Rounders England have identified 90 'Local Area Relationships' across the country which they will be investing into over the next two year period. In Lancashire, 3 areas have been identified which have been broken down into two types of relationships:

Burnley leisure

Janet Roundell, Sport and Play development Officer 
01282 477167

Blackburn Youth Zone
Ishmail Issat, Sports Coordinator 
01254 292000

Lancashire Wide (Positive Together)
Darren Wright
01772 299830

Bodies in Motion
Ben Kelly, Operations Manager 
01282 605050
07766 513882

Bowland Gamebirds

UCLan Rounders: 

Leyland & Chorley Rounders League: 
Twitter: @leylandandchorleyroundersleague

Online Toolkit

The online downloadable toolkit will provide potential participants with all of the information they will need to start organising and playing action packed games of rounders.

As well as a recap on the rules of the game, the toolkit provides advice on the equipment needed to play; top tips for creating fun rounders sessions; and ways of promoting games in the local area. Also included are helpful materials like printable posters, flyers and scorecards to help publicise and run matches.

The toolkit aims to promote sustained participation in the game of rounders to new and existing audiences, in particular, Mums, Students and Corporates. The toolkit highlights the fun aspect and simplicity of rounders and its main objective is to drive informal, social play.

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