Understanding Women's Lives

Re-designing and re-positioning sport and physical activity to engage women

This ground breaking study, funded by Sport England and based on fieldwork conducted by research agency 2CV, used an innovative semiethnographic qualitative approach to unlock new insight around:

  • Women’s lives in modern Britain and what’s important to them;
  • Women’s perceptions of sport versus fitness and how we need to reposition sport to appeal to women; and
  • How we can tap into women’s values in order to activate behaviour change towards increased levels of physical activity.

The research was completed in late 2013. Over the past 18 months we have worked across the sport sector to apply the key insights and to test the research via a series of practical projects. This report summarises the key findings of the research and presents a series of case studies illustrating how sport can apply the insights to engage women more effectively in sport and physical activity.

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