Teenage Kicks: The value of sport in tackling youth crime

Youth crime and antisocial behaviour cost government at least £4bn a year.

One in five young people reports being involved in crime and antisocial behaviour, and there are around 75,000 new entrants into the youth justice system every year. 

Youth crime is clearly an enormous problem, but it is not without solutions. One of the most successful and innovative ways to tackle crime is to use sport to engage young people and create opportunities for them.

Sport has benefits for everyone, but it can be a particularly powerful tool for tackling youth crime, helping to engage disadvantaged and disillusioned young people who are hard to reach in other ways. There are plenty of stories of sport keeping young people off the streets and out of trouble, engaging them in education, and inspiring them to get back on track. However, hard evidence is lacking, and it is difficult to make a convincing case for investment in sports projects.

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