Tackling physical inactivity: A coordinated approach

All party commission on physical activity.

Physical inactivity poses a serious and growing danger to our society – it damages our health, economy and
environment, and limits the educational attainment and futures of our children.

Declining levels of physical activity have been highlighted by numerous recent reports such as Moving More, Living More and Turning the Tide of Inactivity. In England only 61% of adults meet the CMO guidelines of daily physical activity, even more shockingly 22.5% of adults fail to achieve even 30 mins of activity over seven days.
The picture is similar across the whole of the UK. Even fewer children, just 51%, reach the daily target for young people. Inactivity costs the UK economy approximately £20 billion every year. Direct costs from physical inactivity lead to more money being spent to treat diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Indirect costs include numerous lost working days through sickness and subsequent lower productivity levels.

Physical inactivity leads to 37,000 premature deaths in England alone every year. This is more than are killed by murder, suicide, and accidents combined. We need urgent action to reverse this trend. In comparison
to 1961 levels, we are now 24% less active. If we don’t act now, we will be 35% less active by 2030. This number is significant and we should expect even greater consequences than we are facing today if we do not act.

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