Satellite Clubs 16/17 (Year 4) Summary

Over the past year, Active Lancashire have exceeded Sport England targets for participation, new clubs and clubs sustained

A large part of this success has been down to you, our Satellite Clubs, including all the lead contacts, coaches and instructors, volunteers and participants. We're extremely grateful for all the hard work you have contributed to make Satellite Clubs a success across Lancashire.

In 2016/17, 31 new Satellite Clubs have been created with over 500 unique participants attending these sessions.

Of the 31 new clubs, sports such as Gaelic Football, Equestrian, Wrestling & many more have captured the interest and imagination of participants across the county.

• 7 of the clubs are Female focused clubs
• 3 of the clubs are Disability focused
• 4 of the clubs are a continuation of Sportivate projects

Satellite Clubs in Lancashire, the story so far……….

Since commencing in 2013, Active Lancashire have supported the creation of more than 130 Satellite Clubs.

From the 130+ clubs, over 3000 unique individuals have attended these sessions. We have worked with a diverse range of partners such as community groups, sports clubs, schools, colleges, football league trusts, housing associations, and many more to help change the sporting behaviour of young people from irregularly active to consistently active.

Our work has targeted areas such as deprived wards where there was limited sporting activity for young people to access. With your support, we have now bridged this gap to provide young people with a menu of sporting opportunities in their local communities.

Once again, many thanks from Lancashire Sport. Without your hard work and dedication, we wouldn’t have achieved the same levels of success.

What’s next?

Going forward, the next six months (April -September 2017) will be a ‘transition period’ with the focus on supporting all our existing Satellite Clubs and documenting the good work you do.

Sport England have committed to continue their investment in Satellite Clubs until 2021, but are yet to announce the finer details of this funding. New Satellite Clubs can commence delivery from 1st October 2017.

If you have any queries going forward please contact the Satellite Clubs team, Ronan McMahon or Katey Foster on 01772 299830 or email them at or

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