This section provides local authority intelligence including key demographics that can be used as a planning tool to help estimate the amount of demand for key sports services.

Child Health Profiles

Public Health, assisted by Business Intelligence, within Lancashire County Council have created MSOA-cluster* child health profiles (CHPs).

Blackpool Council MyZone and Workplace Challenge Integration Pilot Project

National and international evidence continues to support the positive benefits of a physically active lifestyle, and the underutilised opportunities that workplaces and technology provide to help individuals achieve that lifestyle.

Changing behaviours in public health - to nudge or to shove

This briefing for councillors and officers explains how behavioural change interventions – or nudge theory as it is dubbed – can help local authorities fulfil their public health responsibilities.

Local District Summaries

The mini sport profile's were updated in October 2014 by Sport England and provide the key sport, health, and economic data for our local authority area's including maps of modelled super output area data for sports participation and excess weight.

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