Lancashire Active Lives Data

Active Lives is much broader than the Active People survey, for example it includes walking, cycling for travel and dance in addition to the sporting and fitness activities previously reported on, and looks at patterns of behaviour over a twelve-month period rather than just four weeks.

The first Active Lives report was released on January 26th 2017 and presents data for the period mid-November 2015 to mid-November 2016.

Headline findings from the first year of data are summarised in the recent report and reflect the new measures set out in ‘Towards an Active Nation’ and ‘Sporting Future’.

The Active Lives data is for adults aged 16+ years – a young people focused survey is in the pipeline!

The next release of data will be September 2017 - this will be more comprehensive than the recent headline report.

Note: Moderate equivalent minutes means each minute where you raise your heart rate and feel a little out of breath counts as 1 minute or vigorous activity where you’re breathing hard and fast and your heart rate has increased significantly (you wont be able to say more than a few words without pausing for a breath) counts for double. So each vigorous minute counts as two moderate minutes. The 30 minutes can be achieved in chunks of 10 minutes across different days.

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