Helping women and girls get active. Sport England

This practical guide contains advice, suggestions, hints and tips that will make it easier for you to get more women and girls active in your local area.

Gender has a big influence on activity levels. Currently, about 41.7% of men play sport at least once a week, compared to only around 31.6% of women. That means two million fewer women than men get regular exercise, yet women and girls really want to get involved.

Despite 13 million women and girls saying they want to play more sport, nearly half of these are currently inactive. Clearly, something is stopping women and girls taking part and together we can start to change that.

By doing so you’ll be getting more women and girls active, and attracting more enthusiastic people to your sport and physical activity sessions.

Who is this guide for?

It’s for you, even if you’re not directly involved in sport or leisure. 

Helping more people get active benefits all parts of society. If we’re going to succeed, then we all need to work in partnership as much as possible. So this guide will encourage you to work with other organisations in your area, whatever their size, and whether they are in the public, private or charity sector. Because we all have one thing in common – we care about getting more women and girls involved in physical activity.

Source: Helping women and girls get active. Sport England

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