Fitbit Research Reports - Blackpool Sixth Form

Amongst the population of the UK (aged 6 and above), approximately 28% use fitness level trackers, which asks the question of whether they actually work.

The study investigates the use of fitbits on 10 random participants in Blackpool Sixth Form college. Before the study was carried out, the participants must sign a consent form meaning they give consent to take part, and will let them drop out at any time if they wish to. In addition, they completed a health screening questionnaire to see if they have any health problems limiting them from taking part. The 10 participants would wear a Fitbit for 6 weeks and monitor their levels of physical activity. The participants would then monitor their next 6 weeks worth of physical activity without a Fitbit. After the 12 weeks is completed, the data was analysed using a paired t-test and is displayed using box plots. Overall, the study showed that wearing a Fitbit does initially increase levels of physical activity, but the novelty does begin to wear off after 6 weeks.

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