Children and Young People in South Ribble

Working in collaboration with Barnados children's charity, Active Lancashire engaged with children and young people within the South Ribble district of Lancashire. The main aim of this consultation process was to discover what types of Sportivate programmes would work well within this locality. In addition, the study provided an excellent opportunity to understand; what barriers are faced with regards to participation in sport and exercise by children and young people and to recognise how such barriers can be overcome.

Key Findings

  • 30% of children and young people did no sport or exercise outside of school time.
  • 44% of children and young people were not involved in regular (every week) sport or exercise activities outside of school time.
  • 52% of children and young people had never been a member of a sport or exercise club outside of school time.
  • 52% of children and young people were happy to both individual and team sports. (14% happy to try individual only, 34% team sports only).
  • Poor/ lack of facilities and equipment were found to prevent children and young people from taking part in certain physical activities.
  • The most appropriate time to take part in Sportivate programmes was found to be the weekend and weekday evenings.
  • Enthusiastic; parents, coaches and peers found to be a great motivation.
  • Olympics 2012 found to be inspirational and a key motivator to try new sports.
  • Children and young people highlighted the need to feel comfortable within their surroundings to be retained in any activities.
  • Children and young people highlighted the need for sporting groups and teams to be diverse and excepting of all other individuals.

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