Useful Research Tools

There are a wide range of tools available to support the research you are doing.

Sport and Physical Activity Research

Use these tools to support your own research into sport:

Active People Survey - The survey provides by far the largest sample size ever established for a sport and recreation survey and allows levels of detailed analysis previously unavailable. It identifies how participation varies from place to place and between different groups in the population.

Active Places Power - an interactive mapping and reporting tool for community sport development provided by Sport England.

Economic value of sport - local model - provides each local authority, County Sport Partnership (CSP) and local enterprise partnership area with estimates on sports' contribution to the local economy in the form of business output and jobs.

EFDS Research and insight - The research and insight conducted provides the sports sector with detailed knowledge about: The current level of participation of disabled people in sport, The reasons why disabled people play sport, The barriers to participation and amends and changes needed to overcome these, The types of sport disabled people want to play, The ways in which disabled people find out about and promote sporting opportunities, Disabled peoples involvement in sport provision if they are not personally participating (teaching, training, coaching), Satisfaction with current sports provision and desired improvementsPerceptions and attitudes of sports providers

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment - Lancashire's JSNA provides an online platform for intelligence to inform priority setting and commissioning for health and wellbeing which includes intelligence about indicators of health and wellbeing but also the determinants of health such as employment, the environment, community safety, social capital, etc.

Local Sport Profile Tool - developed to help local authorities in England to generate a sporting profile for their area in the form of charts and tables, bringing together data on sporting participation and provision.

Market Segmentation - The market segmentation data builds on the results of Sport England's Active People Survey, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport's Taking Part survey and the Mosaic tool from Experian.

MOVEs Tool - The MOVEs (Model for Estimating the Outcomes and Values in the Economics of Sport) is designed to help you to demonstrate the economic benefits of improved health through participating in sport and wider physical activity. It can estimate the value of an existing or planned programme of physical activity and sport among a specific population group. There are a range of outputs from the tool including: Incremental cost effectiveness ratios; return on investment (value per £ invested); QALYs return on investment; prevention of cases of disease.

Promoting Activity - Find out where participation levels are low and where your target audience lives, learn how to market sport and activity to any of the 23 segments. Based on very robust research and download over 3000 high-resolution images for your marketing materials

Sport and Recreation Alliance - research focusing on exploring the issues affecting sport and recreation at all grassroots levels. A wide range of research is available including the Sports Club Survey 2011, Red Card to Red Tape and the Facilities Inquiry.

Sport satisfaction - The survey provides a detailed picture of satisfaction among sports participants. What motivates people to continue participating? What causes people to drop out of sport? Is satisfaction driven by facilities, or more about intrinsic motivations such as social opportunities? Are some things more important to participants of certain sports than other sports?

Sport England mini sport profile tools - Refreshed in October 2014 the Mini Sport Profile now provides, at your fingertips, the key sport, health, and economic data for a local authority area including maps of modelled super output area data for sports participation and excess weight.

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