Through a collaboration of Lancashire United (Community Football Trusts) and Active Lancashire, the Tackling Re-offending project aims to help people that are supported by probation services to improve their skills and employment prospects, build confidence and community engagement to help prevent re-offending.

The programme has utilised the learning and expertise gained from the Challenge Through Sport Initiative programme (CSI) which over the last 5 years has developed an effective peer mentoring and support offer for people in recovery and/or suffering from mental health issues.

In addition to support from the probation services, the participant could get help to overcome barriers such as housing and debt as well as 1 to 1 mentoring with an individual programme. This can include physical activity sessions, training courses, employment advice and work experience opportunities, designed to boost confidence, improve wellbeing and help get their life's back on track.

More about Tackling Re-offending

The benefits to the participant are: Improve confidence Develop new skills Do sport, community and art activities Get work experience/volunteer Be part of the community Increase job prospects  The participant will work with a mentor who'll assess their needs, help identify and overcome any barriers. The mentor will also guide the participant into localised support through the local Housing Asso…

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