Pictures of Health

Lucy Fogg, Samuel Johnston, Adam Ogden and Karen Vernon all took part in the Picture of Health arts and health project. The project created the opportunity to investigate the motivations of people who had previously seen themselves as relatively inactive, but who were determined to improve their level of fitness.

Volunteers were asked to use a digital way of collecting their health data and this would be translated into something tangible and physical that they could respond to.

There are currently hundreds of free downloadable health apps, wristbands and chest straps available on the market that collect health data. We chose to go with the MyZone heart monitor being used on a large scale project in Blackpool through the Workplace Challenge.

12 volunteers were identified from two groups who would spend 12 weeks collecting data to be analysed. All 12 would have access to various activities provided by Lancashire Sport and our partner organisations.

Ruth Raban, Creative Consultant and Stefanie Posavec, Data Artist researched creative and playful ideas in order to translate the data into something new that would visualise their efforts.

The Creative Approach

Ruth  and Stefanie  wanted to create a sense of achievement that would hopefully make the volunteers feel good about the change they made and perhaps encourage them to exercise more in future.

When exploring the ways humans have been rewarding achievements: through medals, awards, trophies, wreaths, and so on, they decided to focus on medals as a way of communicating achievement.

The medals were each hand made by Stefanie and each ribbon and medal, colour and size represents health data generated through the heart monitor during each individual workout. The heaviness of all their effort has been made physical and hopefully more memorable.

The Medals 

384 medals were given out in the project, each one representing a different workout. The length of the ribbon correlated to the duration of the workout and the width and colour of the ribbon reflected the average % effort of the workout. 

The colour of medal is associated to the heart rate zone the participant spent the most time in during the workout and the size of the medal related to the MEPs (MyZone Effort Points) awarded for each workout. 

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Workplace Challenge

Workplace Challenge

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