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We are able to offer your NGB products through the Workplace Challenge initiative. The following NGB's information has been promoted on the website and through the e-newsletter:

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National and Local Initiatives

We can support you to link your NGBs to national and local initiatives and funding e.g. Sportivate, Satellite Clubs, School Games, Workplace Challenge. 

Disability Cricket: By working closely with the LCB, Lancashire Sport funded a disability cricket Sportivate project, which covered multiple boroughs and will allow the LCB to deliver cricket based activities in 9 disabled people’s organisations across Lancashire. Through the project interested participants will be introduced to LCB Disability Focus Clubs, in order to achieve sustained participation and contribute towards the ECB’s whole sport plan targets.

Football MashUp: We have teamed up with the Lancashire FA to deliver the Vauxhall Football Mash Up programme which has partnered with the successful Positive Together programme funded by the Lancashire Police & Crime Commissioner, Sport England CSAF and a range of Registered Social Landlords. We have delivered the product in areas of high deprivation using the FMU delivery Principles as a way to informally engage young people who are at risk of committing or getting involved with Anti-Social Behaviour. The product has been delivered in 12 areas so far with more planned for the 2015/2016 season. The partnership has seen some great results and case studies and the product has had a huge impact on the lives of young people, in particular those who do not want to play competitively. As part of the Football Mash Up programme FA training has been delivered to a number of young people who volunteer as activators within the sessions. The programme saw 278 unique participants clocking up 4005 attendances. On average each participant attended 15 sessions.

Following the successful pilot of working with the Lancashire Football Association in Year 1 of the Positive Together Project work has been strengthened to deliver and offer a further 9 were made available for Year 2 of the programme. The programme works by bolting on a Football Mash Up to a Positive Together Project where the key area of delivery is Football. These are concluded following consultation by Housing Associations in targeted wards, which are within the top 20% most deprived in the UK. As a result the projects add value to each other and continue to work to the same outcomes of providing accessible sporting provision within local communities. The Football Mash Up provides valuable resources such as equipment, social media tools as well as access to subsidised training for local volunteers. The target engagement for year 2 is 360 individuals.

Further improvements to make it better for year 2 were to relax the types of deliverers away from football clubs and allowing groups such as Community Centres to establish their own football mash up projects delivered by Activators as opposed to Level 2 coaches. To improve this further Lancashire Sport and the LFA are currently working on developing a Football Mash Up Event for all projects to come together in a street like festival.

The collaboration work has allowed Lancashire Sport to strengthen the links and offer to local housing associations as we build towards submitting a European Application for further social inclusion work. Lancashire Sport have also recently been commissioned a Rounders Relationship from Rounders England to deliver on a similar concept to football Mash Up delivery Model. The aim will be to add further value to the offer we can make to inactive people through the now well established Housing Association Network of Partners.

Golf: The Lancashire Sport Positive Together Project has teamed up with Great Places Housing Association to offer their Social tenants the opportunity to participate in a Golf programme that will develop skills over a 26 week period. With support from the Lancashire County Golf Partnership the idea was born following bringing all partners together at the recent NGB Engagement Day held at David Lloyd in Chorley. Outlining the products available in golf, great places carried out a consultation exercise with their residents and tenants which identified the need and demand for people to try golf from the Blackpool area. The project will start in August 2015 with 24 residents signed up to the programme which will be delivered by PGA professionals at Tee Time Golf in Thornton-Cleveleys. Katherine Michaels, Community Development Coordinator at Great Places said, “I am really excited about this opportunity for the Great Places residents, who would never normally get the opportunity to play golf. With the support of Lancashire Sport and the County Golf Development Officer we have been introduced to a fantastic community golf facility in Thornton-Cleveleys”. As part of the Golf programme resource has also been allocated to support volunteers with Tri Golf training.

Table Tennis in Blackpool: have engaged Table Tennis England in the MyZone/Workplace Challenge integration pilot. The project is a national pilot to test the integration of the two technologies, and as Blackpool is a priority area for the NGB, they were invited to be involved in the fully evaluated 12 week pilot by placing their products at the heart of the project. The pilot has recruited 100 Blackpool Council employees to take part and their activity levels are being tracked over the length of the project and 6-12 months post project. 

Blackpool Council and Table Tennis England have funded 4 tables and Loop at Work packages to be installed in the Council offices. These are available for staff to use at anytime but host competitions and activities during lunchtimes and taster sessions. 20 Activators from the Council network have been trained as part of the project. In addition, targeted promotion for Table Tennis is being delivered as part of the pilot.

Athletics: We have received investment (Circa £5k) from England Athletics over the past four years to enhance the number of qualified run leaders and therefore increase the number of new runners across Lancashire. Due to the investment provided by the NGB, they have secured a dedicated member of staff to organize MSD courses, provide administration and development support to clubs and leaders and broker new relationships with partners. We now have a well-established and branded programme of support, under the title of Leg it Lancashire, where we have trained more than 100 leaders, developed over 130 groups and established in excess of 2500 regular runners. A key driver to the success has been the fact that the overall model is replicable and sustainable. This is a great example of the impact a little investment can make towards increasing participation levels and improving the overall infrastructure of the sport. 

We can also support you with Project Management*, Activity and Event Management and Programme, Theme, Project Development. 

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