Local Research and Insight

At Lancashire Sport we pride ourselves in being driven by up to the minute sports based research and insight.

We have collated a wealth of local and national; sports, physical activity and health based intelligence that can support you in achieving strategic goals through a more evidence based approach.

With our in-house Research and Insight Officer and an array of sports insight tools we are able to assist with a wide variety of tasks ranging from; desktop research and mapping to bespoke consultation work and evaluative reports. An outline and some examples of the types of insight work we can offer are provided below:

County, Local Authority and catchment area profiles

We can provide you with an overview of local districts, counties or a specific catchment area of interest (i.e. LSOA, MSOA, and wards). This will allow you to gain a better understanding of an area, targeting your product more effectively. Insight within profiles could include various demographics such as; gender ratio, age bands, socio-economic groups, market segmentation, deprivation, disabilities and long term health issues and BME groups.

Mapping of sports/ community assets in Lancashire

We can also provide a service to map products/ programs/ organisations/ facilities to enable you to target your product effectively. A map created by LSP on behalf of British Orienteering can be found below as an example. The mapping tools utilised by LSP will shortly be updated and as a result in 2015 the types of maps produced with be more bespoke in appearance to LSP.

  • Example –orienteering map
  • Example - Netball map. This map was created by us on behalf of England Netball. It provides information on current netball provision within Lancashire including; affiliated netball clubs (adult and junior), Back 2 Netball sessions, market segmentation within 20 min drive time of netball venues and the population living within each local authority by gender and age range. This tool has enabled Lancashire Netball to identify gaps within the market and target netball sessions accordingly.

Monitor and evaluation of projects available

Assistance can be provided with measuring and evaluating the impact of programs upon; individuals, groups, communities. This could potentially involve consultation with target groups or existing participants to gauge success of, or demand for a product. This primary data collection can be combined with secondary data collection to support best practice and provide evidence to ensure the future of sports projects/ products.

Training on Sport England insight tools

For people unaware/ not familiar with sports insight tools available we can talk you through what’s available and how to use effectively.

Active people survey analysis

The Active People Survey can be utilised as a means of analysing sports participation by demographic factors such as; gender, social class, ethnicity, age and disability within Fylde, England and Lancashire. It can further be used to track current sporting trends with regards to; volunteering, club membership, involvement in competition, levels of tuition or coaching within the Fylde area.

Bespoke Research

We have completed both primary and secondary evaluative pieces of work on the behalf of various NGB’s.

The following report is an example of an evaluation commissioned by England Golf that has helped to align their partnership strategy; ‘to address the issues of equity, equality and inclusion of disabled people within golf’ via direct consultation with the people of Lancashire.

In particular the report aimed to investigate participation in golf amongst people living with long term life limiting illness. This evidence has since allowed England Golf to create an action plan aimed at increasing participation amongst target groups. The plan will come into fruition in 2015 and will involve continued partnership working with LSP to create golf activators in strategically selected areas of Lancashire.

Jamie Blair -Disability Manager at England Golf said: "“Lancashire Sport were able to help us gather a good range of information, using the networks they have established to dig deeper into the barriers and motivations of those with long term limiting conditions. This has helped to shape our approach to getting these groups active in golf, adding great value to our adult recruitment programmes”

For more information get in touch with our Research and Insight Officer Debra Jones

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