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Are you part of a sports organisation or do you run a sporting event and need volunteers? If you are a sports organisation or run a sporting event, you could receive help from volunteers willing to give their time to help make sport happen.

By signing up as a provider, you will have your own account which will enable you to post sporting opportunities asking for help at your organisation or event. Registered volunteers, when logged in, are then able to see opportunities local to them and are also able to search for opportunities based on date, region, sport and role.

By signing up as a provider, you can receive the help of inspired and motivated volunteers who will also benefit from the opportunities you provide.

If you have any vounteering oppertunities you need filling, please contact Katey Foster on 01772299830, and she will be able to provide you with more information.

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How to get into Volunteering

How to get into Volunteering

Volunteers can get involved with a huge range of roles, such as coaching/leadership, officiating, administration, organising events, publicity and marketing, and many more.

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