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Here at Active Lancashire, we value the work and achievements of all local clubs and groups that contribute to physical activity and sports opportunities across the county. We know how valuable you are to the local communities you serve, not only for the activities you provide but for all the extra support, networking and other opportunities that come from being part of a community club or group.

We are here to provide support and guidance and to help your club be stronger and more sustainable.

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We would like to gather your thoughts so you can have your say in the development of Active Lancashire Club Support. 

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Safeguarding & Welfare

Nathan and Gwen have taken on the roles of Sport Welfare Officers; a part of a new initiative from Sport England. Their role is to help clubs develop and promote safer environments for their members, staff, volunteers and supporters.

Learn more about their roles here

For Safeguarding support you can check out our Safeguarding page here

You can also check out the Ann Craft Trust website or CPSU website for more support. 

Alternatively you can contact Nathan and Gwen at [email protected] to discuss any support or advice you might need.

Training & Development

We understand funding is always an issue for clubs and community organisations, please see Sport England’s latest funding opportunities and advice here

There is also advice on funding at: 


Supported by Sport England, Buddle (formerly Club Matters) is here to provide guidance, resources, inspirational stories, and updates to support volunteers delivering sport and physical activity and the professionals that work with them.

Explore the new and improved site for information on:

  • Developing and growing
  • Getting help from people
  • Safety, welfare, and wellbeing
  • Being inclusive
  • Finding facilities and spaces
  • Getting organised
  • Managing money
  • Environmental sustainability

Contact us now

If you would like to contact us about any specific issues you can use the contact button on the side of this page to send an enquiry to which one of our club support officers will respond to.

We will be using social media to support our offer and promote all of our updates on our website so please follow us on Facebook and X.

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