The Three Frontiers Toolkit

Swim England have been on quite a research journey to establish what people want from their swimming experience and what will encourage them to swim more.

The essential takeaways from our insight reveal that:

  • People want a relevant and enjoyable swimming experience at every stage of their activity – from first contact to pool sessions.
  • There are three frontiers (click here for a diagram), or key areas, that matter to customers. You can influence these to improve customer experience. The three frontiers are:

               Frontier 1  ---- Increase swimming’s visibility and relevance
               Frontier 2  ---- Improve the overall swimming environment
               Frontier 3  ---- Tailor the swimming offer to different needs

Toolkit contents

To help you to apply the insight to your business, we have created the three frontiers toolkit. There are 3 sections:

Research into national swimming behaviour
Our national research explains what customers really want from swimming and why we’ve created the three frontiers model for growth. We recommend you read this first.

The three frontiers guidance documents
These documents translate the research recommendations into practical advice to improve your customer experience across each frontier area.

Practical resources
These include industry case studies, guides, and templates to help you plan and deliver your improvements. Resources are listed in each guidance document.

How to use the toolkit

Swim England’s Insight and Partnerships Director Damian Stevenson explains more about the three frontiers toolkit in the video below.

Step one: access the research

Find out more about national swimming behaviour, barriers and perceptions and what will encourage customers to swim more.

You can download the research documents below.

  • National behaviour change – identifies what customers would like from swimming and shows why we created the three frontiers model.
  • Swimming for all – find out how inclusivity can benefit all customers.
  • 11-17 year olds – find out how we can make swimming relevant to our young people.

Step two: download the guidance documents and resources

Just register for free below to access both the guidance documents and supporting resources. We will add to our toolkit as we gain further industry and business insight.

To find out more please click here 

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