South Ribble Sport and Physical Activity Strategy

Getting South Ribble Active

Being Active means different things to different people from going for a walk, having a kick about in the park with the kids, taking part in sport at your local club, visiting a gym or exercise class.

No matter what type or intensity of activity being active benefits our health. It can reduce the chance of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, dementia and depression.

Being active improves sleep, helps maintain a healthy weight, aids stress management and improves our overall quality of life. Here in South Ribble almost 56% of residents are meeting the national recommended activity level of 150 minutes of activity per week, 4% below the national average. South Ribble Community Leisure Limited (SRCLL) wants to get more people more active and increase the numbers meeting the recommended activity level, for some people that might be starting small and building up gradually; just 10 minutes at a time provides benefits.

To get more people starting and staying active the Leisure Trust are working with Strategic Leisure and 4 global to produce a Sport and Physical Activity Strategy. The will identify priorities and actions for the next four years for the development of sport and physical activity opportunities for residents of all ages in South Ribble.

Peter Dodd (Chair SRCLL) said, “It is vitally important that the views of our communities are captured, as we look to develop a new Vision and direction for sport and physical activity across the Borough that builds on existing facilities and sports development work whilst reflecting the changing landscape for provision and focusses on health and well-being.”

The Leisure Trust would like to hear from individual residents, community groups, members of sports clubs, and people who are both active and inactive giving you the chance to tell us what you think the priorities should be in the Borough. What you think is good and not so good about what is already provided? Are there any specific activities you think are missing in the Borough and why? Do you think there are any specific areas or groups in the community who need or would benefit from specific provision?

You can add your comments and ideas to the on-line portal at: 

Your feedback will help the development of a strategy which will meet the current sport and physical activity needs of residents, and plan for future requirements.

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