Sharing Best Practice: Young Person Led Satellite Clubs

For June 2017, we are featuring young person led Satellite Clubs.
Young people have been given ownership of activities and empowered with decision making responsibility when leading sessions to peers. This approach has helped to create customer focused satellite clubs and provides a stepping stone for a new generation of volunteers and coaches.

Female Focused Hockey Satellite Club at Garstang Academy

Garstang Ladies Hockey Club utilise their established junior members as volunteer coaches to deliver weekly sessions. The volunteers take a lead delivering elements of the session to participants and fellow volunteers, such as warm up, challenges, technical practices and games. The volunteers can choose to deliver independently or in pairs, and have used the opportunity to showcase their creativity, examples include: hockey rounders, keep uppies using a hockey stick and hockey tennis. This approach not only provides individuals with opportunities to develop their coaching experience and skills, but it has helped to establish a culture of peer support which promotes a genuine feel good factor at the Satellite Club.

Handball at St. Mary’s Sixth Form, Blackpool

Sixth Form students undertaking a ‘Coaching Academy’ course have been utilised as volunteer coaches to lead the delivery of Handball sessions to fellow students and pupils from the adjoining Secondary School. Coaching Academy students organised themselves into coaching teams (3-4 students) and took responsibility for leading sessions over set number of weeks (4-6). To support them developing appropriate skills and increase confidence, they completed a Handball Leaders qualification. This approach has enabled students to work collectively in teams, share learning and good practice, gain qualifications and enhance their leadership and coaching skills. The students also engage as participants and recently travelled to Fylde Handball Club for a friendly game.

If you would like more information regarding the two Satellite Clubs mentioned above or regarding the implementation of a young person’s approach to delivering sessions, please do not hesitate to contact Ronan McMahon or 01772 299830

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