Satellite Clubs Volunteer Programme 2017

The Inaugural Satellite Clubs Volunteer Programme has provided 20 volunteers associated with Satellite Clubs the opportunity to complete 5 minimal standard for Active coaches’ courses. 

The Satellite Clubs Volunteer Programme 2017 has now commenced with all 3 support days being held. The 20 volunteers from various Satellite Clubs will now be eligible to access up to £300 to complete a Level 1/2 coaching course relevant to the club they're from. 

The Volunteers have now completed five ‘minimum standards for active coaches’ courses; including First Aid and Safeguarding. In addition to this all volunteers have been offered the chance to achieve an AQA, whilst getting free incentives such as a Tracksuit, T-Shirt and vouchers.

The free programme has been a great success in up-skilling a new generation of volunteers and coaches within Lancashire, whilst helping the sustainability of Satellite Clubs.

Due to the success of the programme we will be hoping to repeat the programme in 2017/2018, with a new cohort of volunteers being skilled to help Satellite Clubs.

Please see below our video from this year's programme!

If you are interested in coaching or volunteering register now on Sports Hub Lancs 

Sharing Best Practice: Young Person Led Satellite Clubs

Sharing Best Practice: Young Person Led Satellite Clubs

June's focus is two Satellite Clubs, Garstang Ladies Hockey Club and the Handball Club at St Mary's Sixth Form, where the young people are given the opportunity to take a lead on the decisions made within their Club.

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