Satellite Clubs Competition: Design a Logo

This competition has now closed, the winners will be announced in the Satellite Clubs August Newsletter! 

To enhance our Satellite Clubs offer, we have incorporated an incentive scheme which will benefit you, your club/organisation and the young people who attend your Satellite Club.

For the final time, we are offering you and your participants the chance to enter the ‘Satellite Spotlight’ Design a Logo competition. We are providing you with an opportunity to hand ownership to your participants by asking them to create a personalised logo/design for their Satellite Club. Previous winners rewarded participants, generated income and created an identity for their Satellite Club using their prize of personalised Macron sportswear.

Furthermore, competition prizes will help towards sustaining Satellite Clubs: coaching fee, facility hire, equipment, etc. 

What can we win?

£200 contribution toward sustainability

£400 to purchase Macron kit


For more information, contact Ronan McMahon: 01772 299830 /  

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