Rounders part of ParkLives as programme expands across the UK

Rounders England are delighted to be working in conjunction with ParkLives as their programme kicks off for the third year, expanding to ten key cities across the UK.

Created by Coca-Cola Great Britain, ParkLives is an exciting programme of daily fun and free activities that encourages people across the UK to get outdoors and enjoy the parks and green spaces in their local community. The programme offers a range of activities and a full timetable can be found here.  

The partnership between Rounders England and ParkLives was a natural fit, as Rounders is generally recognized as the summer sport of choice, and is played on green space and in parks all over the country.

Now in its third year, the programme runs in ten cities nationwide as well as reaching 35 further locations through a partnership with Coca-Cola Great Britain’s long-standing charity partner, StreetGames ( and their doorstep sports club network in England, Scotland and Wales.

This year sees four new cities join the programme with Southampton, Stoke-On-Trent, Dundee and Swansea joining Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle and Newham (London) as the scheme goes nationwide.

Delivered in partnership with local authorities, ParkLives encourages people to get outdoors, make the most of their local parks, meet new people and enjoy new experiences – all while inspiring them to feel good and be a little more active.

This year more than 200 parks, green spaces and golf courses will be offering free sessions as part of the programme. Running on a daily basis throughout the spring and summer months, ParkLives’ roster of free activities aims to break down some of the often-cited barriers to participating in physical activity: cost, distance, lack of suitable and engaging provision and an absence of people to participate with.

Highlighting ‘real people’ getting active through ParkLives, Coca-Cola Great Britain has just launched a short film featuring Londoner Richard and his family, who have recently taken up Rounders. This film really encapsulates what Rounders is all about, its simple playing style and how the game brings people together in a fun, social environment. The film will soon feature on the Rounders England website, so watch out for it!

Rounders England work with Local Delivery Partners throughout England and this opportunity with ParkLives also opens up doors for people going along to ParkLives Rounders sessions to check out other Rounders opportunities in their area.

ParkLives is part of Coca-Cola Great Britain’s long-term commitment to inspire one million people to be active through its programmes. Rounders England are delighted to come on board and help develop Rounders, the game which holds so many fond school-day memories for so many people.



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