Rhyddings High School Satellite Club

A large number of girls at the school reported they were put off from traditional sports and would not take part in them out of school. To address the drop off in sports participation from females aged 13+, the school wanted to use a multi-sport/non-traditional sport model for developing a satellite club.

With the support of Active Lancashire, consultation with Year 9 girls was conducted to collect insight via the survey monkey online tool. 45 individuals completed the survey which directly influenced the nature of the offer for the target group (year 9-11 girls).

Some of the key finding included:

  • 37% played sport outside of school time for 0 days
  • Keeping healthy (66%) and having fun (57%) were the highest motivators for playing sport
  • 45% said they like to play a mix of individual and team sports

Based on the response when asked ‘which sports would you definitely and possibly like to try outside of school time’, the following sports/activities were selected for year one (until summer): Archery, Clubbercise, Box Fit and Beginners Running

To keep the group motivated, a rolling programme of sports/activities is introduced every 6-8 weeks (correlates with school terms) to ensure the offer does not stagnate.

Taster sessions during school time have been used effectively to market and promote the satellite club to the target audience.

The satellite club offers incentives for girls who regularly attend, this will incorporate a visit to an attraction at the end of summer term and free entry to a ‘Pretty Mudder’ in Preston as part of a Race for Life Event in June 2016.

Sessions are relaxed and delivered in an environment where participants are comfortable and confident to express themselves, this includes minimising visibility and playing background music during activities.

We have recently offered 2 participants from the satellite club the opportunity to compile a video blog, showcasing the various activities of the multi-sport offer. This will include interviews with participants and coaches/instructors during each block, climaxing at the Pretty Mudder event and trip as reward for sustained participation and recognition of positive lifestyle change.

The video blog will be shared to promote women and girls sport in Lancashire, linked to ‘This Girl Can’ - keep your eye out for it!

Satellite Clubs Funding

Satellite Clubs Funding

Satellite Clubs make it easy for young people to stay in sport, or to start playing sport for the first time.

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