R.E.D January Challenge with Lancashire Mind

Lancashire Mind has teamed up with R.E.D, a national health and fitness movement dedicated to promoting the positive impact that exercise can have on wellbeing, to challenge the people of Lancashire to do something active every day in January in a bid to improve their wellbeing and raise funds for the charity.

R.E.D January, which stands for RUN EVERY DAY, is a month long challenge encouraging people to walk, run or simply get your body moving every day. With one in four people experiencing a mental health condition each year, R.E.D is built on the foundation of physical exercise having significant benefits to mental wellbeing, particularly for depression, with research suggesting that regular exercise can decrease the risk of depression by up to 30 percent.

The R.E.D challenge promotes inclusivity, as people of all levels of fitness are encouraged to get involved, with the aim of exercising in some form every day whilst raising awareness for the millions of people who experience depression and similar mental health conditions. The R.E.D movement is also about promoting the importance of community and uses the power of social media to bring people together who are effected by these issues, no matter where they are in the world, so they are connected by a common goal, in a forum where they can share their experiences and find support. The R.E.D challenge has already reached global significance with participants in India, Vietnam, Oklahoma, Singapore, Europe and all around the UK.

R.E.D’s founder, Hannah Beecham, was inspired to start the movement after helping her Mum combat depression through physical exercise. She said: "Witnessing the life-changing effect that a physical challenge can have on someone suffering from depression, inspired me to start a social movement that promotes mental wellbeing through exercise.”

Fabienne Clough, Fundraising Coordinator for Lancashire Mind, said: "Lancashire Mind is thrilled to be working with R.E.D as part of the R.E.D and national Mind partnership. Exercise is proven to help with wellbeing and January can be a difficult month for many people so what better time of the year to get out and be active. Those taking part in the month long challenge will not only be helping themselves but others too. All the sponsorship money we receive will go towards helping Lancashire Mind to stop misconceptions about mental health, develop resilience in people from an early age and work with communities to build a happier Lancashire. With funds raised from initiatives such as this we can work towards making Lancashire the beacon county for mental wellbeing and ensure everyone experiencing a mental health condition is treated as an equal member of society."

For more information about taking part in R.E.D January please visit: www.runeverydayjanuary.com 

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