Major new investments to keep the nation active

Sport England has announced a portfolio of investments and new funding opportunities designed to build on the 15 million sport and activity regulars to keep their habit and stay healthy.

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Sport England Funding - Investment Guides

Sport England will be publishing a series of detailed investment guides to provide information on the types of projects they are looking to support, the insight they have available, the people they want to benefit and the outcomes they are seeking to achieve.

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Sport England Funding - Supporting sport's core market - Major events

The UK has become known for hosting world class sporting events, with England playing an important role in building that reputation.

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Sport England Funding - Facilities

The places where people play sport have a really big impact on a person's experience and likelihood they will come back regularly. That’s why Sport England will be continuing to invest in all types of facilities, especially multi-sport for their major strategic investments.

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Sport England Funding - Tackling Inactivity

Helping people who are inactive is one of Sport England’s major priorities. Over the next four years, they will be dedicating at least 25 per cent of our total resources to tackling inactivity.

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Sport England Funding - Local Delivery

Where people live and work plays a big part in the choices they make about the sport and physical activity they do. Sport England announced in their strategy that they will be funding 10 places to develop and implement local strategies for physical activity and sport.

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Sport England Funding - Volunteering

Sport England has just published its new volunteering strategy, Volunteering in an Active Nation. The new volunteering strategy is focussed on 4 areas: Encouraging new volunteers (particularly people from underrepresented groups to make volunteering in sport and physical activity more diverse), new funding opportunities, supporting people who already volunteer and getting the message across.

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Join In - Let's celebrate the unsung heroes

Does sports volunteering keep you young at heart? We think so – and so does David Finney, the coach and founder of Bridge Swimming Club in Redbridge.

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