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How we teach PE vs Pupils Play (FULL) How we teach PE vs Pupil Play (FULL) Harnessing the Power of Risk OAA
Intro to Handball The Mighty Monsters School Games Mark (NEW)
Cheerleading Cheerleading Reconceptualising Competition
Using the PE Premium for Sustainable Improvement (FULL) Harnessing the Power of Risk OAA Intro to Handball
The Might Monsters School Games Mark (NEW) Digital / Active Ants
Digital / Active Ants Reconceptualising Competition More than Sport
More Than Sport Intro to Handball       Using the PE Premium for Sustainable improvements (FULL)
Using the PE Premium for Sustainable improvements

1. Title: Using the PE Premium for Sustainable improvements in Physical Education

Workshop Lead: Glenn Swindlehurst – Lancashire County Council

This workshop will explore the 5 key indicators of the PE Premium to ensure pupils leave primary school physically literate and have the knowledge, skills and motivation to equip them to lead a healthy lifestyle. It will focus on action planning around “Learning to move” and “Moving to Learn”

2. Title: How we Teach PE v Pupils Play and Learn in PE

Workshop Lead: Chris Bramall – The FA

This workshop will explore a range of teaching strategies and methods that can be applied in Primary Physical Education lessons with a focus on the impact and benefits of a Games Based Approach

3. Title: Mighty Monsters – Yoga and Relaxation in schools

Workshop Lead: Mel de Meester (Yoga Instructor)

In this workshop, we will be stepping away from day to day life and entering the rollercoaster world of monsters a.k.a. our emotions. The aim of the workshop is to give you a taster of a Relax Kids session. We will explore our emotions by working through the well-researched 7 step programme. The workshop will take you from a high energy state progressively down to a low energy relaxed state. We will start with mindful movement and games, moving onto breathing techniques and stretching. There will be the option of self and/or peer massage and we will end with positive affirmations and guided relaxation. You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, and most importantly your monsters will be your new friends.

4. Title: Harnessing the power of risk to achieve positive physical literacy outcomes through OAA.

Workshop Lead: Simon Padley (Senior Lecturer and Academic Course Leader in the School of Sport and Exercise – Gloucester University)

This workshop will explore the definition and role of risk and adventure activities and challenge individuals to create environments where children can explore, problem solve and relate to each other to develop long term motivation for physical activity and adventure. The workshop will draw from work around lifelong physical literacy outcomes to challenge practitioners to build physical competence, confidence, knowledge and understanding through experiential learning contexts.

5. Title: Reconceptualising Competition – how understanding our roots can uncover the true value of competitive encounters.

Workshop Lead: Jordan Wintle (Senior Lecturer and Academic Course Leader in the School of Sport and Exercise – Gloucester University)

Competition holds the potential for moral, physical and socio-emotional development but is also a catalyst for division, warlike match preparation and drop out of burn out in young people. This workshop explores a re-conceptualized definition of competition from its Latin origins challenging us to design age appropriate competitive experiences that hold the potential to increase long term motivation.

6. Title: Introducing Primary Handball as an Invasion Game

Workshop Lead: Andy Clark – (England Handball)

In this practical workshop people will be given the practical skills to introduce Handball into primary school settings. Handball is one of the fastest growing sports in Lancashire and is present in most high schools. It can be a perfect introduction to invasion games and development movement, throwing and catching skills.

7. Title: School Games Mark Workshop

Workshop Lead: Gemma Stokes (Chorley SSP) and Kevin Loughran (South Ribble SSP)

This workshop will help understand the requirements for you to apply for this years School Games Mark, including the new pre-requisites of the inclusive health check and the active schools heat map. You will go through the criteria, helping you understand how to apply via your dashboard on the School Games website

8. Title: Active Ants: A Digital World to help Schools and Children Achieve 60 Mins of Physical Activity a Day

Workshop Leads: Brent Kelly and Stuart Hodgson – (Flexi Digital)

Based on a brand new pilot being delivered in Pennine Lancashire this workshop will showcase the impact wearable technology (Garmin, Fitbit) can have on children in a school environment. The Active Ants project has been designed to nudge the influencers of children (parents, teachers, schools, other children) using digital technology as well as offering weekly perks and rewards for children and family who are regularly physically active. This pilot has been used by schools to help action planning in support of the Primary School Sport Premium Key Indicator one.

9. Title: Introduction to Cheerleading

Workshop Lead: Lorraine Robinson (Chorley School Sport Partnership)

This workshops will offer a practical introduction to teaching Cheerleading in primary schools. Cheerleading is a fantastic way to introduce teamwork, coordination and choreographed movement to upbeat music. This session will cover introductory skills necessary to teach Cheerleading including arm motions and jumps.

10. Title: More Than Sport

Workshop Lead: Anthony Judge (Youth Sport Trust)

This workshop will explore ways in which your pupils can create an active habit for life through literacy as a means to supporting the Chief Medical Officers guidelines of 60 active minutes a day for all young people

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